• Cleaning
  • Re-adhesion of the paint surface
  • Inpainting of loss to match the original
  • Repair of broken glass using an optical epoxy with the same light refractive index as glass
  • Custom reverse glass painting and reproduction
  • Remounting
  • Gold leafing on glass, metal and wood
  • Glass mats
  • Reverse painted signs

Reverse glass paintings are aesthetically and historically significant, and are deserving of the care and attention due to any piece of fine art. They are delicate, and require maintenance. This ensures their permanence, and retains or increases their value. Glass paintings are considered impermanent, but with proper care and treatment, they can be made to last indefinitely. Each painting is individually inspected, and the appropriate conservation methods are recommended. Individual requirements and needs are carefully discussed, and estimates provided.

Please note: Old glass can be brittle. Although utmost care is always used, no responsibility can be assumed for breakage. All work must be undertaken at owner’s risk.